A Texas Criminal Lawyer Who Understands North Richland Hills Charges

Simply put, NRH is not a place that sees a whole lot of crime.

According to Area Vibes, violent crime here is 56% lower than the Texas mean, and 51% lower than the country overall. Property crimes are 18% and 7% lower, respectively.

The area is far more well-known for being one of the top suburbs of Dallas and having a great local waterpark. For having a parks and rec program that is nationally recognized.

Because of this, when someone gets arrested in North Richland Hills, it is a big deal. A criminal arrest for a felony or misdemeanor puts more at stake than incarceration, it also threatens your reputation, job, family, and career/occupational license.

People take notice, and local law enforcement agencies are not afraid to crack down hard to send a message in the hopes of keeping others from engaging in similar acts.

While this might be good for the area as a whole, it is less than ideal if you happen to find yourself on the wrong side of the law. Getting arrested in North Richland Hills for a serious criminal offense can be a scary and anxiety-riddled experience.

Even when a person is wrongfully accused, the knowledge that the full resources of law enforcement agencies and the prosecutor’s office have focused their sights on forcing you to defend your freedom, reputation, and future is an extremely daunting prospect.

Whether you are the victim of mistaken identity, false allegations, overzealous police, shoddy forensic testing, or an unfortunate error in judgment, you need the skill and experience of a proven North Richland Hills criminal defense attorney to defend your interest. Jeff Hampton has been helping people in and around NRH deal with their charges for years, and he can help you, too.

Why People in North Richland Hills Should Choose Jeff Hampton to Fight Their Criminal Charges

North Richland Hills criminal defense attorney Jeff Hampton uses his familiarity with police procedure and prosecutor strategies acquired during his time as a prosecutor in Tarrant and Collin counties to build the most compelling and persuasive defense to criminal charges. These efforts may include exposing improper procedure by the police, such as Miranda violations, unlawful searches, suggestive lineups, reliance on dishonest informants, contamination of evidence, and much more.

Mr. Hampton aggressively challenges the admissibility, reliability, and sufficiency of the evidence against his clients. When your future hangs in the balance because you have been charged with a misdemeanor or felony in North Richland Hills, Mr. Hampton provides the expertise of a proven former prosecutor to minimize the impact of a criminal case on his clients’ lives.

Not only have his strategies proven to be quite effective, garnering incredibly positive results for many of his clients, many in the legal profession have taken notice as well. He has been recognized by a number of well-respected institutions, including:

Avvo. Not only has he earned their top rating – a 10/10 – Mr. Hampton has also been named a Top Attorney in both Criminal Defense and DUI & DWI for 2017.

Lead Counsel. Jeff Hampton became Lead Counsel Rated in 2017.

National Trial Lawyers. From 2014 through 2017, Mr. Hampton has been named to both their Top 40 Under 40 list and their list of the Top 100 Trial Lawyers.

Fort Worth City Magazine. Jeff Hampton has been honored as a Top Attorney in Fort Worth from 2016-2017.

Of course, Texas criminal law is complicated. Awards and results mean much more when the lawyer in question is able to successfully take on your particular type of charge.

Types of North Richland Hills Charges That Jeff Hampton Is Able to Handle

Because of Mr. Hampton’s experience handling hundreds of criminal cases as a prosecutor in two separate Texas counties and as a Richland Hills criminal defense lawyer, Mr. Hampton is qualified to deliver zealous defense in a wide range of misdemeanor and felony criminal cases which include:

Do not panic if the crime of which you are accused is not listed here. We may still be able to help. To find out, simply reach out to our office and explain your situation, and we can tell you what options you have available to you.

The Sooner You Get in Touch with Jeff Hampton about Your North Richland Hills Charge, the Better

The stress of dealing with the criminal justice system and the prospect of jail or state prison can be overwhelming. Despite the intense apprehension that is commonly experienced when a person is arrested, you have more control over your situation than you may realize.

If you refuse to answer questions and immediately invoke your right to have counsel present during any questioning, the exercise of these basic Constitutional rights can have a significant impact on the outcome of your criminal case.

When you retain a North Richland Hills criminal defense lawyer at this early stage of a criminal case, there are many benefits that accrue to a person facing criminal charges. Mr. Hampton can represent your interests during police interrogations, observe police lineups for improprieties, influence the prosecutor regarding charging decisions, conduct independent tests of forensic evidence, and interview witnesses.

North Richland Hills criminal defense lawyer Jeff Hampton relies on careful investigation of the facts, extensive analysis of police reports, and thorough current knowledge of the law to provide zealous advocacy for the future of their clients charged with crimes in North Richland Hills.

Bottom line: Jeff Hampton tenaciously defends his clients’ Constitutional rights and freedom with the full force of his experience, knowledge, and skill. Mr. Hampton understands the critical importance of safeguarding his clients from meritless accusation or an error in judgment.

Reach out to us today to see how we can help. Call us at 817-877-5200, or contact us via email at jeffhampton@thehamptonlawfirm.com today to start protecting your tomorrow.