If you have been arrested for the misdemeanor crime of Obstructing Highway or Passageway (Obstruction of a Highway or Roadway) you should call The Hampton Law Firm immediately to discuss your legal options. Receiving a criminal conviction for Obstructing Highway or Passageway can carry with it serious financial and long-term consequences. In addition to being fined up to $2,000 by the State of Texas, a conviction for Obstructing Highway or Passageway can result in the loss of your employment, a tarnished reputation and a limitation on future employment and advancement opportunities.

The most common situation where an individual is arrested for Obstructing Highway or Passageway is when a person stops their motor vehicle in traffic and holds up traffic and refuses or is unable to move their vehicle. However, according to Texas Penal Code Section 42.03, A person commits the crime of Obstructing Highway or Passageway if, without legal privilege or authority, he intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly:

(1) obstructs a highway, street, sidewalk, railway, waterway, elevator, aisle, hallway, entrance, or exit to which the public or a substantial group of the public has access, or any other place used for the passage of persons, vehicles, or conveyances, regardless of the means of creating the obstruction and whether the obstruction arises from his acts alone or from his acts and the acts of others; or

(2) disobeys a reasonable request or order to move issued by a person the actor knows to be or is informed is a peace officer, a fireman, or a person with authority to control the use of the premises:

  1. to prevent obstruction of a highway or any of those areas mentioned in Subdivision (1); or
  2. to maintain public safety by dispersing those gathered in dangerous proximity to a fire, riot, or other hazard.

According to Texas law, “obstruct” means to render impassable or to render passage unreasonably inconvenient or hazardous. Additionally, Obstructing Highway or Passageway is classified as a Class B Misdemeanor, punishable by a term in the Tarrant County Jail of up to 180 days and up to a $4,000 fine.

As you can see, a conviction for Obstructing Highway or Passageway could result in a loss of your freedom and severely damage your reputation and limit your opportunity to obtain or retain employment. It is important to fight for your freedom and reputation by hiring an aggressive criminal attorney that knows the courts in Tarrant County and is willing to do what it takes to protect your clean record. At The Hampton Law Firm, I will aggressively defend you, seek defenses to your charge, work to protect you from a conviction and look to negotiate a dismissal or reduction of your charges so that you may be eligible to have this charge cleared from your record.

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