Charged in Mansfield TX? We Protect Your Reputation and Your Rights

Mansfield Criminal Defense LawyerMansfield, Texas, is a great place to live. A great place to raise a family. A great place to build a business.

Located practically equidistant from Dallas, Fort Worth, and Arlington, the people here gain access to all of the amazing things that those larger metropolises offer while still getting to enjoy “small town” life and be a part of a rapidly growing and evolving community.

An area with an extensive park system. A top of the line waterpark. Exceptional baseball and soccer venues. Innovative high schools. It is no wonder that the city has made CNN/Money Magazine’s “Best Places to Live” list four times in recent years – 83rd in 2007, 24th in 2009, 30th in 2012, and 17th in 2014.

On top of all that, Mansfield’s crime rate is amazingly low. Fifty percent lower than the Texas mean, and 43% lower than the country as a whole. To put things even more in perspective, Area Vibes says it is safer than 71% of the cities in the entire U.S.

The problem is that all of us make mistakes from time to time. What happens in Mansfield if your mistake finds you on the wrong side of the law?

First off, with so little crime overall, you can absolutely bet that your friends, neighbors, and coworkers are bound to notice, and your reputation can take a big hit. Secondly, the powers that be in Mansfield have a vested interest in keeping their city’s glowing reputation intact.

This means that local law enforcement officials zealously go after people when they suspect them of criminal activities, and they are not afraid to prosecute people to the full extent of the law as a way of sending a message.

Because of this, if you are accused, charged, or find yourself under investigation for a crime, the best thing that you can do for your future, your family, and your good name is to start working with a knowledgeable Texas criminal lawyer as soon as possible.

Jeff Hampton is that attorney. Over the years he has been able to help countless people in and around Mansfield to get their charges reduced, dropped, or dismissed, and he will do his best to make sure you get the most positive outcome possible.

A Lawyer Who Understands the Consequences of Getting Charged with a Mansfield Crime

There are two categories of criminal offenses that you may be charged with in Mansfield in terms of severity – misdemeanors and felonies.

Misdemeanors are defined under Texas law as a crime that has a maximum sentence of one year in county jail and a maximum fine of $4,000, whereas a felony is a far more serious crime that can result in a sentence of six months to life in state prison and a maximum fine of $10,000.

If you are convicted of a felony offense, you may also lose certain rights, such as the right to participate in jury duty, the right to vote, the right to own a firearm, and the ability to obtain certain occupational licenses.

We know that a criminal conviction in Mansfield can have serious repercussions on your future, so we work diligently to limit the adverse consequences of a misdemeanor or felony conviction. These devastating consequences may include:

  • A criminal record that is revealed in criminal background checks
  • Denial of loans from banks and finance companies
  • Barriers to employment in specific occupations
  • Ineligibility for certain professional licenses
  • Removal and exclusion from entry to the United States under immigration laws
  • Public record of your conviction available to landlords and employers
  • Expulsion or denial of admission at some universities

Mansfield Criminal Charges That Jeff Hampton Can Help You to Fight

Would you call a plumber to deal with an electrical problem? Of course not. You would reach out to an electrician. Just like you would not go to a podiatrist if you were having headaches or heart problems. Because having a specific expertise in one area does not mean that an individual possesses it in another area.

Criminal law is like this, too. Some attorneys specialize in domestic violence. Or fraud. Or DWI. They are extremely skilled in their practice area of choice. However, if you are charged with something outside of their wheelhouse, they are lost.

This is why it is so important to work with a Texas criminal defense lawyer who has successfully handled your specific charge or charges before. Jeff Hampton has experience in a wide range of charges, including:

Note that this list is not exhaustive. If you do not see your charge here, simply get in touch and explain the specifics of your situation. Our office will be able to tell you whether or not we are able to help.

Why Jeff Hampton Is the Criminal Attorney of Choice for People in Mansfield

Many people arrested for criminal offenses in Mansfield presume that their selection of a criminal defense attorney will have little impact on the outcome of their felony or misdemeanor criminal case. However, those who are arrested can substantially improve their situations by clearly and unequivocally asserting their rights and promptly retaining an experienced Mansfield criminal defense lawyer.

Stress and anxiety often leads those arrested to make significant mistakes that compromise their case. The most important way to protect your liberty and reputation is to refuse to speak to the police and to retain a criminal defense attorney who can begin protecting your rights at the earliest possible stage of your criminal case.

Experienced Mansfield criminal defense attorney Jeff Hampton always provides a zealous defense of his clients’ Constitutional rights and explores the full range of potential defense strategies, which may include but is not limited to the following:

  • Violations of Miranda rights
  • Improper stop of your vehicle or person without reasonable suspicion
  • Unlawful searches conducted without a warrant or a valid exception to the warrant requirement
  • Lack of substantive evidence to prove necessary elements of the offense
  • Challenging the accuracy of witness identification
  • Sloppy collection, storage, or contamination of forensic evidence
  • Chain of custody issues
  • Unreliable lab testing
  • Confessions obtained by use of force or that are otherwise not voluntary
  • Police misconduct or lying

These only constitute a few examples of the types of defenses Mr. Hampton may employ because he will provide a defense strategy carefully tailored to the precise facts of your case. An effective defense to criminal charges in Mansfield begins with a careful investigation, as well as a review and analysis of the facts and police procedure.

Jeff Hampton’s success as a former assistant district attorney has provided the basis for a comprehensive understanding of how prosecutors and law enforcement investigate criminal offenses and build effective prosecution strategies. This knowledge allows Mr. Hampton to identify potential procedural violations of his client’s rights, evidentiary issues, and lack of proof on substantive elements of the criminal offense. We frequently seek exclusion of evidence obtained in violation of Fourth Amendment search and seizure rights or other substantive rights of our clients.

His methods have enabled him to get fantastic results, and many have taken notice:

National Trial Lawyers

  • Top 100 Trial Lawyers (2014-2017)
  • Top 40 Under 40 (2014-2017)


  • 10/10 Rating
  • Top Attorney DUI & DWI (2017)
  • Top Attorney Criminal Defense (2017)

Lead Counsel

  • Lead Counsel Rated (2017)

Fort Worth City Magazine

  • Top Attorney in Fort Worth (2016-2017)

The First Step to Fighting Your Mansfield Charges Is Reaching Out

If you are under investigation or have been arrested, you need to contact Mansfield criminal defense attorney Jeff Hampton to schedule a confidential free consultation as soon possible. At your initial consultation, we will discuss your rights, answer your questions, and make sure you fully understand the situation that you are in.

Call us today at 817-877-5200 or email us at A criminal charge or investigation does not have to end in a conviction, but your best bet at obtaining a positive outcome is to get a skilled Texas defense attorney on your side fast.