Most Effective Defenses against Texas Domestic Violence Charges

A Texas domestic violence charge is something that you need to take incredibly seriously, because our state definitely does. Texas recognizes three different crimes related to domestic violence, and all of them come with the potential of incredibly severe penalties.

How severe?

  • If you are charged with class A misdemeanor

Learn about the Domestic Assault Law in Texas to Fight Your Charges

If you have been accused of domestic assault in Texas, learning more about the laws can help you understand what it takes to fight your charges.

Understanding Texas Domestic Assault: Who’s Involved?

Domestic violence occurs against the following types of individuals:

  • Relatives by blood or affinity
  • Married or formerly married

McKinney Cop Arrested for Domestic Violence Put on Leave


Police officers are held to a higher standard because their job is to enforce the law. They should not only to follow the law in their professional life, but also as private citizens. The key word here, however, is should.

At the beginning of the month, Audrey Lee [...]

Felony Family Violence Charges in Texas: What To Do If Wrongly Accused

Being charged with any type of crime can wreak havoc on your future opportunities. But when charged with a felony, the penalties are much more severe. If you’re facing felony family violence or domestic violence charges in Texas, here are four things to do immediately:

  1. Learn What Constitutes a Felony