Alleged Looters in Texas Face Serious Consequences

Our country has experienced two catastrophic hurricanes in less than a month.

In these times of disaster, we often see the best of people. We see people traveling hundreds of miles to help those who are stranded. We see people raising money and donating necessities. We see people opening their [...]

10 Different Types of Theft Crimes in Texas

Everyone knows what “theft” is, right? It’s one of those fairly simple concepts that most of us get grilled into us as kids. You don’t take something without paying for it. You don’t take something that belongs to someone else. It’s as easy as that.

Except that under Texas law, [...]

Theft and Larceny: Don’t Find Yourself Behind Bars

As in most states, Texas categorizes theft cases according to the calculated value of the property that has been stolen. According to the Texas Penal Code 31.03, those who commit theft under Texas law are said to have “unlawfully appropriated property with the intent to deprive the legitimate owner [...]