Avoid These Acts or You Could End Up Facing a Texas Drug Charge

If you are accused of a drug crime in Texas, your charges can fall into a number of different categories under the law. Below we’re going to tell you more about these categories, what penalties are associated with the various charges, and what help is available to you if you [...]

Drug Possession Penalties in Texas Depend on the Type of Drug

In Texas, penalties for drug possession are based on the type of substance you are accused of possessing. To understand potential penalties, you must know which drug is associated with which penalty. That means knowing how drugs are classified in our state.

Drugs are divided into six penalty groups in [...]

Understanding “Possession” with Drug Cases

If you have been arrested in Texas or have become the target of a criminal investigation for possession of marijuana, possession of a controlled substance or possession of a dangerous drug, it is critical to your defense that you understand what the prosecution must prove for a conviction. If the [...]