We take great pride in the fact that our greatest resource is the word-of-mouth praise we receive from satisfied clients that have experienced a great result for their case while being pleased with our one-on-one attention to detail.

At The Hampton Law Firm, we take great pride in providing the highest quality criminal defense while focusing upon client communication and ensuring our client’s questions and concerns are answered and alleviated. We have included some recent testimonials and reviews provided by our clients as an example of the service and satisfaction we provide to our clients:

In mid-2015, The Hampton Law Firm represented S.A against the misdemeanor charges that could have resulted in serious criminal and employment consequences for our client. We took the case to a jury trial and aggressively defended the case and was able to achieve a verdict of NOT GUILTY for our client.

When the unfortunate event happens and you need to be represented the right way, who to choose as your attorney is a very difficult question. There are many out there that will bring you the moon and the stars. . . “for a big price”. . .  I am very fortunate to have found the right ones – Jeff Hampton and his associate (Brandon Fulgham). Why did I make the right choice? It all starts with the first call. When I first approached Jeff and Brandon with my case, they did not hesitate to give me details on my options/alternatives, details on the process if it actually went to court or what they would try to do to avoid going to court – and yes, the costs involved.

I had a good sense of their honesty. When I finally decided to retain Jeff and Brandon’s services, they got devoted to it. Court day arrived. Jeff and Brandon organized the defense and pre-emptively submitted court documents that supported it. Due to a court technicality, it was only Jeff during court. He was very, very familiar with my case that it felt as he had actually been there with me the day of the incident. As cross examination started, Jeff was a “dog” in a good sense of the word. He was “objecting” to prosecutor’s statements by the minute, taking notes and performing aggressive cross-examinations. I was so impressed with his performance that prior to the final statement, my family and I spoke and felt that we had no regrets. . .

Jeff had done all the right work and there was not anything else that we would have changed. After final statements from Jeff, I was even more impressed and more satisfied with his work – I knew that whatever the final verdict, I had not been taken for a ride by my attorney and that, quite the contrary; my attorney had done an excellent job on my defense. The final verdict was “Not Guilty” ! ! ! and “WE” (I say “we” because Jeff truly became part of my team) prevailed ! !  My final goodbye to Jeff : “ I hope I do not have to see you again, but If I have to, I know exactly who to call – Jeff Hampton and Associates.” SA


In mid-2015, The Hampton Law Firm was hired to defend A.R.T against felony charges that could have resulted in a long prison sentence and expulsion from college. After investigating the criminal case and negotiating with the Tarrant County Prosecutor, we were able to drop the charges to a Class C Misdemeanor and provide him the opportunity to have it expunged from his criminal record.

“I recently hired Mr. Hampton to defend my nephew who was in Tarrant County Corrections Center with some serious charges. He was successfully able to drop all the charges to a disorderly conduct thus giving him an opportunity to continue his studies at UT Arlington. During the process he was very patient, professional and prompt in responding to all my questions and concerns. I don’t think I have ever done a review of any sort in the past but this time I felt compelled to do it for his outstanding services. I would strongly recommend him to anyone who needs similar services.” A.R.T.


In mid-2013, The Hampton Law Firm was hired to defend B.J.T. against felony theft charges that threatened to place our client in prison and prevent him from maintaining his employment and remaining free to support his family. After working with the Tarrant County District Attorney’s Office and making a presentation to the Tarrant County Grand Jury, his case was no-billed, the equivalent of a dismissal.

“I hired the Hampton Law Firm for a Felony theft case. I have two prior felony’s from 2005 and was really facing some hard times. My childish mistakes and stupidity had put me in this situation but this case was from several years back. I have seen changed my life and know with out a doubt I am on the right path. Unfortunately for me the Tarrant County DA did not care about who I was now, all they saw was my past trouble. Jeff Hampton took the time to take my call and on his own dime met up with me to see my paperwork on my current theft case that involved a truck from a local dealership. A very serious case.

So here I am with TWO prior Felony convictions, a new theft of a vehicle case (which I did not steal) and a DA who said he would see me in jail. Mr. Hampton and I agreed on a price for his firm to represent me and then Mr. Hampton even let me pay it out over the next three months. Most attorneys would never allow this. Before Mr. Hampton even had a third of his money he dug into my case having meeting after meeting with the District Attorneys office trying to resolve my case. After Mr. Hampton received the discovery for the case he called me in and we went over everything they had against me.

I became extremely scared after reading how the DA was going to present my case to the Grand Jury. Everything was written to make me out as a guy who had stolen a truck and was up to know good with two prior convictions. Mr. Hampton then told me right then and there to not and worry he had it under control and PROMISED me I was not going to jail and I would be ok. On September 25, 2013 the DA took my case to the Grand Jury for indictment. Mr. Hampton also decided he would present my side of the case to the Grand Jury, (most attorneys would not do this, they would let the indictment go through and fight it in court costing their clients more money).

Later that afternoon Mr. Hampton gave me a call and told me that my case had been NO Billed. All charges were over and I was all cleared. I still owed Mr. Hampton money at this time, over $1,000 to be honest with all of you. Mr. Hampton took me for my word and represented me to the fullest. I will be forever thankful to him and his law firm. I hope this helps any of you that may need an attorney for whatever reason. I promise you they don’t come any better than Jeff Hampton and the Hampton Law Firm. Thank you for all you did Mr. Hampton. I truly do appreciate you and all your hard work for me.” B.J.T.


A.S. made the decision to retain The Hampton Law Firm to defend him of Domestic Violence charges in 2013. A.S. was very concerned about hiring an attorney that would communicate with him, considering he lived out of state and would be traveling extensively. After months of negotiation and preparation for trial, we were able to negotiate a dismissal of his domestic violence case.

“I live in New York and had legal issues in Texas, so it was tough going back and forth since we didn’t see each other physically in the beginning. After flying back and forth, texting, and emailing each other the case was taken care of. Jeff was a bit busy at times because of other clients but he made sure you knew what was going on and took care of you. I was nervous while I was in court and didn’t know anyone in the state but one friend. He was by my side throughout the whole thing and made sure I was okay and guided me through the whole time. Great lawyer and I highly recommend him.” A.S.


J.C. retained The Hampton Law Firm in June 2013 to defend him from misdemeanor charges. After ensuring his misdemeanor charges were dismissed, we were able to get his charges expunged from his record and ensure he continue with his medical school career and move forward with his dream to become a doctor.

“Finding a good lawyer is difficult, so having found a great lawyer, I feel obligated to share my experience. I approached Jeff Hampton with an unusual and sensitive issue that could have negatively impacted my career and future, and he addressed my legal issues with an open mind in a nonjudgmental way. I found Mr Hampton to be easily accessible. I appreciated that he spoke to me without the legal jargon in language I could understand and that he was willing to work around my hectic schedule.

He was upfront about fees and potential outcomes, and he vigilantly monitored the status of my filing. He demonstrated an exceptional work ethic and a dedication to follow-through. It was clear that he was my advocate from start to successful finish. If you are needing excellent legal counsel and a lawyer who willingly and consistently provides above and beyond service, I highly recommend Jeff Hampton.” J.C.


H.R.O. was charged with multiple felony theft charges and employed The Hampton Law Firm in 2012 to protect his freedom, his good name, and his job. After thoroughly researching the facts and preparing a persuasive grand jury package, we convinced a 2013 Tarrant County grand jury to no-bill the case and stop the case in its tracks.

“Mr. Hampton is excellent attorney. You can be sure that he will FIGHT for your case. I am extremely happy with the outcome of my case and I never had to step into a court room for anything. I also appreciated that he was always reachable…even during after office hours. His fees were also reasonable. I would definitely recommend Mr. Hampton to anyone needing some legal representation.fees were also reasonable. I would definitely recommend Mr. Hampton to anyone needing some legal representation.” H.R.O.


During 2013, M.W.H. was facing Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) charges with a blood alcohol level nearly twice the legal limit. M.W.H. would lose her job if she was convicted. After thoroughly researching her case and discovering serious problems with the case, The Hampton Law Firm was able to achieve a dismissal of her DWI charges and save her job and her future.

“I was so impressed with Mr. Hampton and his legal team. I was terrified that I would be fired from my job if I was convicted. Mr. Hampton walked me through the entire process and made sure I understood everything that happened. When Mr. Hampton told me that he was able to get my DWI charges dismissed, I couldn’t believe it!! Without his hard work, I would have lost my job and no telling where I would be now. Thank you Mr. Hampton! I am so grateful for your hard work! I would highly recommend Mr. Hampton to anyone in need of a great criminal lawyer!” M.W.H.


E.S.T. was charged with Domestic Violence in 2011. She had never been in trouble before and her boyfriend had alleged that she had violently assaulted him. After a thorough investigation into the alleged victim’s version of the facts and his checkered past, The Hampton Law Firm was able to negotiate a dismissal of the charges and an expunction of the arrest record to clear our client’s name.

“Excellent and diligent attorney, extremely knowledgeable, aggressive defender, very well known in the courts, and has a proven track record. I am ecstatically pleased with Mr. Hampton’s results. He works long and hard to defend his clients. I highly recommend the Hampton Law Firm.” E.S.T.