Texas Cops Will Be Looking for Teen Drunk Drivers This Prom Season

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Texas Cops Will Be Looking for Teen Drunk Drivers This Prom Season

Advancements in understanding the adolescent brain confirm that the centers responsible for good judgment haven’t fully developed. Underaged drinking can further impair decision making, and it’s a simple fact: even without alcohol or drugs, teens just don’t have a lot of experience behind the wheel.

Couple these factors with the excitement swirling around prom, graduation, and beyond, and the stage is set for disaster.

A glance in the rearview toward one quiet town’s last prom season punctuated by two car crashes is enough to prove it. After crashing his vehicle into a light pole, one male teen’s fear of being caught quickly trumped human decency when he and his friends opted to grab their beer and flee the scene, leaving two female passengers alone – one of whom was unconscious. A few hours later, another teen ran as well, after losing control of his van and crashing.

These situations are exactly what police are on high alert to prevent during prom season. It’s also why it’s imperative to talk with your kids – like the adults they are becoming – about the personal risks of underage drinking and driving before they head out the door.

Otherwise, you all might be spending time together learning lessons the hard way with your Texas minor in possession or DWI attorney.

What to Know About Texas MIP & Underage Drinking Laws

Understanding the basics about minor in possession and underage drinking laws in Texas is a great first step to protecting your prom-goers this season. Here are a few key pieces of info you need to know:

  • Anyone under 21 years of age is prohibited from buying, possessing, or consuming alcohol (unless they meet extremely specific criteria).
  • Texas is Zero Tolerance – one drop of alcohol detected is too much for those who are underage (and enough for DWI charges).
  • Low-level consequences include hundreds in fines, community service time, and alcohol awareness program involvement.
  • Even a first-time offense leaves your teen open to having his or her driver’s license revoked.
  • You can be held liable for their actions in certain situations, too.

In addition, here are a few tips on how to begin the conversation to share this information with your teens.

Talking Underage Drinking Risks with Texas Teens

Remember, you’re not trying to scare your children out of making those forever memories you want them to have. Your approach should leave them encouraged, empowered, and motivated to protect themselves and their friends.

Offer more than one solution, let them choose, and require that their plans are made well in advance. Suggest a few of them plan for third-party transportation for all students or book a ride for at least your teen and their friends. It’s also the perfect time to make yourself available and judgement-free – no matter the situation.

Resources to Help the Conversation

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) advises how to create and maintain an ongoing and intentional discussion about underage drinking.

There are also easy-to-print pamphlets available through the DPS website. Printing and reviewing them together is a great way to ensure your teen is more aware of the consequences they face.

Worried they’ll just ignore you? It’s possible, but you probably still have more influence over their decisions than you think.

FOrt Worth Juvenile DWI Attorney

So, give it a shot. It can only improve your kid’s chances of making the best memories.


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