With an increasingly acrimonious election season coming to a close, the legality of “stop and frisk” searches by law enforcement has been widely discussed and debated by pundits on both sides of the aisle. Some view this practice as a reasonable way for law enforcement to cut down gang and other criminal activity, while others […]

28 th
Oct, 2016

The Texas judicial system has a long history of being tough on crime. Thousands of individuals have found out the hard way that getting convicted of various crimes in Texas means receiving subsequent punishments that are often more severe than in many other states. There are several legal and cultural reasons why Texas has earned this reputation. The following are four reasons […]

There is no question about it: guns are a very hot-button issue right now, and you can’t blame people for having strong opinions on the matter. It has sparked a lot of debate throughout the country, including Texas, which has a history of being predominately against gun regulation and gun control.  Between the NRA and much […]

24 th
Aug, 2016

On September 1, 2015 new laws went into effect that dramatically changed the rights of defendants in Texas criminal cases. Specifically, House Bill 1396 was passed and put the following changes into law: Search warrants for cell phones Rule of Lenity Codified Priority docketing for crimes involving victims under 14 Increased threshold in money limits for many offenses […]

28 th
Jun, 2016

As in most states, Texas categorizes theft cases according to the calculated value of the property that has been stolen. According to the Texas Penal Code 31.03, those who commit theft under Texas law are said to have “unlawfully appropriated property with the intent to deprive the legitimate owner of the property”.  This means that […]

17 th
May, 2016

While Texas offers its residents a variety of gun rights, in accordance with the U.S. Constitution and state law, there are still several ways you can potentially face weapons charges in the state. Keep in mind, Texas considers guns a weapon, but there are also other items which are categorized as weapons including: Brass knuckles […]

15 th
Apr, 2016

There is a category of crime that is typically known, in legal terms, as white collar crime.  Generally, these crimes are financial in nature and do not involve any type of violent behavior.  Two of the most common types of white collar crime are forgery and identity theft.  In many cases, those who are facing […]

On January 1, 2016, Texans were granted the right to openly carry handguns. Although the law has been criticized and enamored by many, there are some specific factors that you need to consider. In some cases, you may be ineligible for participation in open carry and could be charged with illegal possession of a firearm […]

A young man is charged with manslaughter and evading arrest following a police chase in which he reportedly ran over a man in a sleeping bag near Dallas. David Martinon, 19, of Irving, was being held in the Grand Prairie Jail on a $500,000 bond after allegedly running over Paul Rummelhart, 58, who died at the scene. […]

31 st
Dec, 2015

Questioning the Affluenza Teen’s Flight Now that Ethan Couch has been arrested in Mexico for violating his probation, it would appear that he would be facing a difficult situation when he is brought before the juvenile court to determine his sentencing. Ethan Couch first made national news in late 2013 when his criminal defense team […]

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