The Debate on Gun Control and How It Affects Texas Gun Owners

By May 18, 2017December 9th, 2020Criminal Defense, Stop and Frisk

There is no question about it: guns are a very hot-button issue right now, and you can’t blame people for having strong opinions on the matter. It has sparked a lot of debate throughout the country, including Texas, which has a history of being predominately against gun regulation and gun control. Between the NRA and much of the Republican party, there has been a lot of support for access to guns as a protected right under the Constitution. However, there has been some talk recently about the AR-15 and how dangerous it has the potential to be. Because this is an extremely popular rifle, often used for hunting and shooting competitions, we’ll take a closer look at the movement to ban them.

William Weld

In comments made to the press, William Weld, the Vice Presidential pick for the Libertarian Party in the 2016 election, stated that by adding a clip and removing the pin, you can turn an automatic weapon into a weapon of mass destruction. Weld has also expressed support for legislation that would take guns away from anyone on a government watch list, and that the control of handguns is also on his list of problem areas in the US, going so far as to say that they may be worse than automatic weapons. It’s worth noting that the Libertarian Party’s official stance on gun control is decidedly pro-gun, with Gary Johnson opposing the majority of restrictions on guns, meaning this may be more specific to Weld than to the Party with which he affiliates.

Pressure from Mexico

To the South of us lies a country that has seen as much, if not more gun violence than the US. Mexican Foreign Minister Claudia Massieu thinks the US might have been directly responsible for some of that misfortune. At the Conference of State Parties of the Arms Trade Treaty in August, she called for a ban on assault weapons from the US. She stated that between Obama’s failed efforts at regulation and the sheer volume of firearms sold in border states, she believes guns that are too easily attainable in the US are finding their way into Mexico. She chose not to speak specifically about the Fast and Furious program, but it is likely she was referencing the controversial events that took place several years ago. In 2009, the United States government essentially allowed suspected criminals to purchase guns from legal gun sellers, suspecting they were doing so in order to sell the guns illegally in Mexico.  They then allowed these individuals to travel from the US to Mexico without interference. The plan was to trace the weapons being sold illegally in Mexico to drug cartels, but roughly 2000 of the guns being traced went missing. The missing firearms began turning up at cartel-related crimes, as well as other crime scenes in Mexico and the US, as time went on.

How Does All of This Affect Texas Gun Owners?

Ultimately, you’ll want to stay abreast of the gun control debate to ensure that you’re aware of any changing regulation. Currently, Texas is an open carry state requiring a long gun to be carried in a ‘non-threatening way’, and a handgun to be in a shoulder or belt holster, but it’s not always that simple. As a gun owner who open carries, you are subject to the rules of any establishment you may enter, even if you have the proper permits for your gun; there are also very strict rules on allowing anyone under the age of 17 to operate the gun. It is important to be aware of all rules, regulations and restrictions regarding the various nuances to weapons laws in Texas in order to avoid facing an unwanted, and possibly unwarranted weapons charge.

If you have questions or concerns about a weapons charge, or feel you have been mistakenly singled out, it is important to make sure all of your rights are protected. A conviction on a gun charge can mean serious ramifications for your future. Contact The Hampton Law Firm today at 817-435-2909 for a free consultation, and let us protect your rights and fight for your freedom.

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