Was Your Child or Relative Charged with a Crime?

Has your son or daughter been arrested and charged with a crime? If your child is under 18 years of age and is under investigation for a crime, it is likely he/she will be charged as a juvenile. Although a juvenile may be charged with any crime that an adult can commit, some crimes are specific to juvenile crimes, such as: underage drinking, curfew violations or truancy. Call our law firm to speak with a juvenile crime lawyer who knows how to handle cases involving children in Fort Worth, Texas. We have defended hundreds of cases before a jury trial and judge, and are very knowledgeable about the Tarrant County juvenile courts.

Common Juvenile Crimes in Texas

Crimes frequently committed by juveniles include, but are not limited to: drug possession and other drug crimes, underage drinking, curfew violations, truancy, DUI, vandalism, assault, battery, shoplifting, gang crimes, rape, etc.

Unlike the adult criminal justice system, juveniles are not entitled to bail or a trial by jury. Unlike the adult court system, where offenders are subject to extended jail sentences and large fines, the focus of the juvenile court system is to rehabilitate juvenile offenders and to prevent them from repeating illegal behaviors. As such, punishment options usually focus upon counseling and treatment in juvenile detention facilities.

If your child is facing criminal charges, your primary concern is likely that your child remains out of jail and that this charge does not remain on his/her criminal record and potentially limit future educational and employment opportunities.

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