Will A DWI Defense Attorney Help?

There are few feelings as scary as the cold steel of handcuffs being closed over your wrist or the ominous sound of a jail cell slamming shut. As unsettling as it may be to face an arrest, there is a world of difference between an arrest and a conviction. There are many procedural and legal defenses that an experienced criminal defense attorney can use to protect you from the lasting impact of a criminal conviction.

If misdemeanor or criminal charges have been filed against you or you are merely under investigation, the best way to protect your future, freedom and reputation is to invoke your rights to counsel and against self-incrimination. Regardless of what the police say, you cannot improve your situation by talking to the police. While the police are searching for the truth, they are not trying to make things easier on you, but instead they are searching for evidence that will be used by a prosecutor can and will use against you.

If you contact an attorney before you speak to the police, he/she can vigorously defend your rights by challenging searches, controlling the scope of interrogations and protecting you from other violations of your Constitutional rights. Attorneys rely on their experience when fashioning an effective criminal defense strategy. They may challenge the prosecution’s case based on insufficient evidence to prove an element of the offense; lack of intent; improper forensic testing; illegal searches or detentions; confessions or incriminating statements obtained in violation of your Constitutional rights and a wealth of other defenses based on the specific charges against you.

If you are wondering why you should retain a private attorney as opposed to a court appointed attorney, the short answer is that while a court appointed attorney can be skilled, they often face obstacles like extremely heavy caseloads, limited resources, pressure to settle cases quickly, as well as an inability to confer with clients prior to being in the courthouse just before a hearing. Private attorneys have access to experts who specialize in all fields necessary to the provision of a top defense against whatever criminal charges you may be facing.

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